2 days of festival happiness. The biggest youth dance parade in Gabrovo. Spectacle on the city square. Fire show. Street art in the old neighborhood called Shesti uchastak. FREE ENTRANCE. You are welcome on 5 and 6 October 2018.

Take a look at the the best moments from the 1st and 2nd  edition of International Festival for Urban Arts and Happiness 6Fest in the videos.



5 October 2018, Friday

15:00 - 17:00 Workshop painting with Iva Pencheva

Interactive Museum of Industry in Gabrovo

17:30 Youth Dance Parade

Route: ul. "Radetska"Baev mostul. "Aprilovka"Vazrazhdane Square

With the participation of: Show-ballet Magic, Folklore ensemble “Sivek”, Dancesport Club “Ritmika”, Dancing School “Liana”, Zumba with Vassi

18:30  Spectacle on the square

Vazrazhdane Square

With the participation of: Show-ballet Magic, Folklore ensemble “Sivek”, Dancesport Club “Ritmika”, Dancing School “Liana”, Zumba with Vassi

Iveta Petrova

Gabrovo Orchestra

19:30 Fire show with “Fire Shadows”

Vazrazhdane Square


6 October 2018, Saturday

10:00-12:00, ul. "Opulchenska"

Youth Bazaar - exhibition of youth organizations in Gabrovo

Living statues with Youth Theatre Company “GaRgaRa”

Street magic with Quick Hands Junior

10:30 A walk in the past on “Opulchenska” Street with Folklore ensemble “Sivek”

11:00 Guitar Fiesta with Radoslav Talev

11:30 Humout Theatre with Youth Theatre “Smehorancheta”


The capital of humour Gabrovo will turn again into the Capital of street arts due to the 3rd Festival For Urban Arts and Happiness 6Fest on 5-6 October 2018. The festival program will local artists from Gabrovo in 2 festival days.

Organizers of 6Fest are „Vasil Levski Public Committee – Gabrovo“ and Momchil Tsonev. The project is realized with the financial support of Gabrovo Municipality, YOUTH Program 2018.

Media partner of the festival is Gabrovo Daily.

The festival conception of 6Fest is based on the carnival and humour brand of Gabrovo, also known as the Capital of Humour and Satire. The Carnival of Gabrovo has root in festive events since the 19th century and has developed in its contemporary version since 1960s. 6Fest is a logical sequel of the carnival brand of Gabrovo and the main goal of 6Fest is to develop Gabrovo as a festival and carnival destination through outdoor art events, performances, etc.

The name of the festival 6Fest (in Bulgarian should be pronounced like “ShestFest”) comes from the name of the oldest quarter of Gabrovo city, the heart and the birth place of Gabrovo – Shesti uchastak quarter, translated in English as the 6th section (sector, station). This is the place on the right side of Yantra river, in the very center of nowadays Gabrovo.

The organizers „Vasil Levski Public Committee – Gabrovo“ and Momchil Tsonev (website of the organizer, available only in Bulgarian realize projects in the field of arts, culture, youth projects, education, cultural heritage. Our major projects are:

  • The most popular clip on YouTube about Gabrovo – „Happy Gabrovo“
  • The first computer game about Gabrovo (available in English) –
  • The first online encyclopedia about Gabrovo based on the Wikipedia software (available only in Bulgarian) –
  • The first and biggest video portal about business in Gabrovo (available only in Bulgarian) –
  • The biggest and popular series of books about the history of Gabrovo, called "Gabrovo - the living city" (books published in Bulgarian)


Contact International Festival For Urban Arts and happiness “6Fest” on (Momchil Tsonev).

Website of the organizer (available only in Bulgarian) .

Main media partner is Габрово Daily.


6FEST 2017 and 2018 WEBSITES

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